3 Cajun Taco Special

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays anymore. At El Segundo Fish Co., you can enjoy our 3 taco special every day of the week! For only $11.95, you can enjoy 3 Cajun blackened halibut tacos with Cajun rice and black beans.

Not only is filing up your diet with Cajun dishes delicious, but it also comes with plenty of health benefits. The onions that are used in almost every Cajun dish have been proven to fight off certain diseases, including cancer and heart disease, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. They also have antiviral and anti-bacterial properties that help to fight off infections and colds.

Tomatoes are a staple in Cajun dishes and are filled with vitamins A and C that help to neutralize free radicals in the blood stream. They are also known to help with heart problems and diabetes. All Cajun dishes are not complete without plenty of peppers to add plenty of spice. All peppers are full of vitamins A, C, and K which help prevent cell damage and diseases that are related to the aging process. Cayenne peppers, which are the most commonly used peppers in Cajun cooking, have some of the highest amounts of minerals and vitamins out of all types of peppers. Peppers also contain special substances that help to increase body heat and oxygen consumption, which means your body burns extra calories while you eat them.

For more information on our taco special, and how you can enjoy quality seafood every day in Southern California, contact El Segundo Fish Co. today!