SALMONTACOSIf you have ever doubted the power of public opinion, or wondered whether individuals can really make a difference, we’re here to testify that it’s absolutely true: You can be the catalyst for change!

Because of the overwhelming demand for our Ensenada salmon taco when it was featured as one of our rotating monthly specials, it has now been added permanently to the regular menu, where it will join other other popular favorites such as Alaska Cod fish ‘n chips, popcorn shrimp, spicy Jambalaya and fried calamari.

As patrons of El Segundo Fish Co. you can now get your tacos “your way,” whether you choose to dine in or stop by for a pick-up order.  In addition to the delectable salmon filling which also features some special “South of the Border” spices, you can choose from blackened wild Ahi tuna, Baja shrimp and grilled mahi mahi.  All feature shredded cabbage and tangy sauces and are made with corn tortillas.  For more traditional tastes, we serve tacos filled with cod, Tilapia and chicken, all with a side of salsa.

Whether you come for a light lunch or are feeding a hungry crowd, our selection of distinctive tacos is sure to please.  Stop by and see us soon to discover what other treats are on the menu.  And, don’t forget, we offer catering services as well.