brussel sproutsThis original new appetizer takes Brussels sprouts off the list of vegetables you ate as a child because your mother made you, and into the realm of favorite starters for a winter party or a candlelit romantic dinner for two. The fresh Brussels sprouts are dipped in a light and crunchy Japanese-style tempura batter, then briefly deep fried in hot oil. The batter is crispy, complimenting the rich flavor of the green leafy Brussels sprouts. Delicious alone, these mini members of the cabbage family also taste wonderful dipped into a Japanese mustard hot sauce, soy-based sauce or a sweet and sour sauce.

You can easily use the Tempura Brussels Sprouts Appetizer as an introduction to your next meal or as a side dish with soup, salad, shrimp or steak. Order together with Tempura Shrimp and eat them together as a meal with soup or salad and dessert.

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