corvinaGulf Corvina may also be called “Gulf weakfish,” but this species, introduced into the Salton Sea in California in the early 1950s as a sport fish, faces survival problems in the future. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists Gulf Corvina as “vulnerable” on its Red List because of over fishing and a reduction of water flow from its favorite spawning habitat, the Colorado River.

The Salton Sea, created in 1905 with fresh water directly from the Colorado River, has become quite salty. Originally, engineers originally created what amounted a fresh water lake in the desert in southern California. However, the salt content has been increasing over time, generating challenges for Gulf Corvina.

Since the Colorado River is a bit salty, there has always been some salt in the Salton. However, the sea, with 43 parts per thousand (ppt) is now saltier than the Pacific at 35 ppt. Unfortunately, if nothing is done, increasing salt content will make it impossible for Gulf Corvina to survive.

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