Catch of the Day: Cod

Cod is on the menu! The Catch of the Day that is featured all through March is Fresh Pacific True Cod, and can be prepared blackened, grilled, or cornmeal crusted to ensure that you are able to enjoy this delicious fish anyway that you want.

Cod is one of the most important fish that has ever swam in the Pacific. The Pacific cod that we all know and love today is actually the same species that is found on the East coast of the country. From all the way back to the 16th century, people from different countries started heading to America to fish for cod for salting. Since it was extremely abundant along the Atlantic all the way up through Nova Scotia and the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, cod was one of the most popular fish around the world. In fact, the cod fish industry was so strong, that it was one of the main forces behind the colonization of America.

Cod is the original fish that is used for traditional fish and chips, since true cod has a clean and mild flavor that has a perfect flake. The large white piece of meat that comes from a cod allows it to be prepared in many different ways. Cod is healthiest when it is broiled or baked, but can also be enjoyed fried, sautéed, or in a chowder.

To enjoy a delicious cod dish this month, contact El Segundo Fish Co.! Make your reservation today to ensure that you can enjoy the delicious and unique taste our cod offers.