It is not often you get something for free…unless they are the free peanuts at El Segundo Fish Co. We wanted to make sure that what we offered would be fun and tasty, so now when you come into the door, grab yourself some PEANUTS on us!

There are many benefits of eating peanuts.  Did you know that studies show that eating one ounce of peanuts weekly can help in the prevention of gallstones?  Eating peanuts can also help in the regulation of your blood sugar.

Peanuts can help in lowering cholesterol levels due to their richness in copper.  If you think you have problems with your memory, peanuts may help in boosting your memory power because they are rich in vitamin B3.  More good news about peanuts is they lower your risk of gaining weight and heart disease. No wonder everyone is talking about the free peanuts at El Segundo Fish Co.!

Bring the whole family to El Segundo Fish Co. and while you are waiting for your meal, grab some peanuts and enjoy!  We are proud to serve the El Segundo, California area and if you need reservations for your party or catering services, contact us.