There is Cajun Blackened Chicken Breast and a Blackened New York Strip Steak on the menu at The El Segundo Fish Co.. But, unless you are allergic to fish, pass on these dishes and enjoy a wonderful fresh fish dish. The steak and chicken are among the best you can eat anywhere, but El Segundo’s shine is from its numerous mouthwatering seafood specialties.

Sustainability is one of the benefits of eating seafood. El Segundo Fish Co. is one of those restaurants that strongly believe in Reuse, Recycle, Return. In fact, when the Santa Monica Pier recently burned down, the El Segundo Fish Co. reused the wood from the pier. All the wood in the restaurant came from the burned down pier. It was used well though, the interior is comfortable and family or friend friendly. The story behind the wood lends a certain panache to El Segundo and provides a great story to break the ice on a first date.

The El Segundo Herald voted El Segundo Fish Co. “Best Seafood Restaurant.”

El Segundo is a casual restaurant with an alluring number of seafood specialties. Even though the prices for a meal will not break the bank, the food is wonderful. The fish is always fresh. Diners can choose from simple fare such as fish and chips, or New England clam chowder or full course diners that include Jambalaya or a delicious fried scallop diner. There is a variety of excellent fish tacos to choose from as well. Check out the menu here.

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