Every autumn when the leaves start falling is apple season. One of the most loved traditional American holiday desserts is a slice of fresh homemade apple pie. Apples that make the best pies are firm enough that they won’t lose their shape when baked. Freshly picked apples right off the tree make the tastiest apple pies.

Whether you eat your apple pie a la mode or with a dollop of whipped cream, finishing a big holiday meal with homemade apple pie and a cup of coffee is a true American treat.

The combination of flaky, buttery pie crust with the fresh slices of tangy apples and sweet syrup will melt in your mouth and provide the perfect finish to your meal. While you can serve this delicious pie as is, you can also heat it and add a scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream for contrast, or serve it cold with a slice of cheddar cheese or whipped cream. Add cinnamon sugar to the crust for additional sweetness and spice.

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