We are happy to see that the season opener for Pacific Cod harvesting in Alaskan waters has finally been announced by state authorities, even though the catch levels are lower than last year by approximately 12 percent.  It looks as if we’ll be able to snag enough from this year’s harvest to keep supplying you, our customers, with the delicious tempura-battered fish ‘n chips that you’ve come to love.

Alaskan Cod can be harvested in only two state-waters fisheries, with less than 18 million pounds available for harvest during specified seasons.  The first "A" season in Aleutian waters runs from Jan. 1 through June 9, and will account for about 70 percent of the total harvest.  That may sound like a lot of cod, but you can bet that season "B" will attract its share of commercial fishing boats as well, and the catching will continue in order to provide the freshest, best fish for restaurant use.

A new sub-district state fishery is opening this year in Dutch Harbor, located not quite 100 miles north of Unalaska.  It will be an exclusive fishery for boats under 60 feet fishing with pot gear.  Harvesting of cod is well-controlled in order to assure that supplies will be available for the future, and state officials expect another bountiful year of fish harvest.

El Segundo Fish Co. continues to buy and prepare only the best and freshest of the catch from the great fishing spots.  Our menu features New England and Cajun specialties as well as the classic fish ‘n chips you love,whether for take-out or dining in.