Sockeye Salmon

June marks the season opener for the famous wild Sockeye Salmon, which means it is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious Salmon dish at El Segundo Fish Co.! As one of the most flavorful, richly textured fish, you are sure to love this fish prepared any way!

Sockeye salmon is also known as “red salmon” due to its dark red-orange flesh and their ability to turn a deep red color as they swim upstream to spawn. Typical sockeye salmon weighs between three and six pounds when they are caught and brought to the market.

Anyone who loves salmon will enjoy the taste of sockeye salmon, since it has a more traditional salmon taste than chinook or king. The sockeye diet is composed mostly of plankton and crustaceans, such as shrimp, which helps to contribute to their darker color. Sockeye is the second fattiest, right behind chinook salmon. They also have the firmest texture out of all the Pacific Salmon species.

Most of the wild caught sockeye salmon comes from Alaska, with other commercial catches coming from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

To make your reservation to enjoy a delicious walk sockeye dish this summer in Southern California, contact El Segundo Fish Co. today!