Soft shell means the crab has molted his shell so it’s totally munch-able. Since they tend to do that late spring through early fall. That means fresh soft shell crab season is upon us. If you’re ready for a New Orleans way to enjoy soft shell crab, how about a Po’ Boy?

The name is said to have originated when, in 1929, a restaurant owner sent a platter of the well-endowed sandwiches out to striking streetcar conductors, referring  to the strikers as Poor Boys. In New Orlean-ese that sounds like po’ boy.

You don’t have to go to New Orleans to enjoy this delicious sandwich, you can stay right here in El Segundo in Southern California. The soft shell crabs at El Segundo Fish Co. are the freshest, and when they encase them in crackling-crusted baguettes and spread their famous chipotle sauce on them, you’ll want to come back again and again while crabs are still in season. Check out their other fresh fish offerings on the El Segundo Fish Co. website.