If you live in or are visiting El Segundo in Southern California, the El Segundo Fish Co. is a must visit. A trip to the south bay area simply would not be complete without a stop at this delicious restaurant.

According to The Daily Breeze, this is a restaurant that locals should be proud to call their very own. Between the beer, the fish, and the otherwise good food, the place has much to offer. It also has a charm all its own.

But, perhaps the best thing about the El Segundo Fish Co., besides the fish of course, is that it is the only restaurant in the south bay region to offer over 30 different sides to choose from. Choose from some uncommon, but mouthwatering sides like steamed broccoli or garlic parmesan fries. With so many to choose from, a person will have to keep coming back for more.

Do not miss out on this delightfully unique place to eat. For more information about El Segundo Fish Co. or for directions how to get there, visit their website.