It seems you can’t walk into a retail store or restaurant without getting offered a rewards card. In most cases signing up for these rewards programs means giving out a bit of basic information about yourself and carrying with you a card in your wallet or tab on your keychain. By doing this, you’ll occasionally get offered something free or some type of special discount that are only available to members of the rewards program. Depending on how often you go to these places, the rewards program may or may not be worth your while. But in Southern California there’s one program that is making a big impact, and it doesn’t belong to a single business. It’s called is different because it doesn’t require you to carry an extra card in your wallet or on your keychain. Instead you sign up for by linking your credit or debit card. Your rewards are awarded automatically when you use your card. Another plus to’s program is that the award is cash, and you can see exactly how much you earn by installing the Mogl app. Cash is good for everyone. A free beverage won’t help you much if you never drink anything but water, nor does a half price steak dinner if you’re a vegetarian.

But what if you don’t need the money? has that covered too. Every time you use your connected card at a participating business, such as El Segundo Fish Co. in El Segundo, California you’ll be given the choice to take make your rewards in the form of cash, or make a donation to the local food bank. 

El Segundo Fish Co. is proud to be a participant in’s reward program. We strive to be more than just a place to go out to eat, and many of the fresh seafood options that are available to our restaurant customers are available for catering as well. Your guests can enjoy the Fish Co. Favorite Seafood Medley featuring Jambalaya and grilled Mahi Mahi. We also have an Italian style option, a one of a kind Mexican Taco Bar with Shrimp, Chicken or Carne Asada(beef) or if you’re hosting an All-American party, Our Grilled Barbeque Picnic will delight your guests with a choice of Honey Chipotle Chicken, Barbeque Salmon or Tri Tip. All our catering options also come with plenty of delicious sides as well. To learn more about how to sign up for rewards and serve El Segundo Fish Co. food at your next party, contact us today.