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You Will Not Want To Miss The Cod Catch Of The Day!

Catch of the Day: Cod

Cod is on the menu! The Catch of the Day that is featured all through March is Fresh Pacific True Cod, and can be prepared blackened, grilled, or cornmeal crusted to ensure that you are able to enjoy this delicious fish anyway that you want.

Cod is one of the most important fish that has ever swam in the Pacific. The Pacific cod that we all know and love today is actually the same species that is found on the East coast of the country. From all the way back to the 16th century, people from different countries started heading to America to fish for cod for salting. Since it was extremely abundant along the Atlantic all the way up through Nova Scotia and the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, cod was one of the most popular fish around the world. In fact, the cod fish industry was so strong, that it was one of the main forces behind the colonization of America.

Cod is the original fish that is used for traditional fish and chips, since true cod has a clean and mild flavor that has a perfect flake. The large white piece of meat that comes from a cod allows it to be prepared in many different ways. Cod is healthiest when it is broiled or baked, but can also be enjoyed fried, sautéed, or in a chowder.

To enjoy a delicious cod dish this month, contact El Segundo Fish Co.! Make your reservation today to ensure that you can enjoy the delicious and unique taste our cod offers.

Try Our Spring Signature Specials This Good Friday!

ESFISHSpring Signature Specials

As the weather warms up and spring gets closer and closer, it is the best time to check out our spring signature specials! Make a reservation for the whole family, or just for you and that someone special to enjoy all of our signature specials for the season.

Our signature appetizer for the season is a fire-grilled artichoke, served with Dijon aioli for only $5.95, and is the perfect way to start any lunch or dinner.

We have six different signature specials that are available, including:

  • Mixed Seafood Caesar, which includes golden brown calamari and grilled shrimp, all served over our famous Caesar salad with homemade crouton and fresh Parmesan cheese for $14.95.
  • Coconut Crusted Barramundi that is served with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, with a delicious curry sauce for $19.95.
  • Cilantro Wild Salmon, served with Jasmine rice, black beans, and grilled tortillas, for just $17.95.
  • Smoked Salmon Penne Carbonara, which is penne that is sautéed with salmon, peas, Roma tomatoes, and scallions, with a lemon vodka sauce, and all served with Parmesan garlic bread for $16.95.
  • Gaucho Burger, which is a tender Angus patty nestled between brioche buns with melted cheddar, homemade slaw, and crispy pickles, all served with hand cut sweet potato fries for $12.95.
  • Fish Co. Surf and Turf, which features grilled New York steak and flaky crab cake that is served with sautéed green beans and mashed potatoes with tarragon butter for $24.95.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate Good Friday with your family on April 3rdcontact El Segundo Fish Co. today to make a reservation. We will be taking reservations for Good Friday throughout the month of March.



It’s A St. Patrick’s Day Party at El Segundo Fish Co.!

St. Patrick’s Day Specials

Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th? Then head out to El Segundo Fish Co. for half priced appetizers all day long with a purchase of a glass of wine or beer!

At El Segundo Fish Co. we have many appetizers to choose from to make sure that you find a dish that you enjoy. Some of our most popular appetizers include:

  • Seared Ahi Tuna on Wonton Crisps with wasabi mayo, teriyaki drizzle, and fresh ginger.
  • Steamed Clams that are steamed in white wine garlic sauce and served with warm homemade garlic bread.
  • Tempura Shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.
  • Popcorn Shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.
  • Fried Oysters served with creole chipotle sauce.
  • Hush Puppies that are a fried mixture of corn, cornmeal, onions, and peppers and served with creole chipotle sauce.

Along with our delicious appetizer options, we have plenty of beer and wine choices to choose from. From Coors Light and Michelob Ultra, to Bootlegger’s Old World Hefeweizen and White Dog IPA, every beer lover will find an ice-cold brew to enjoy. If you are looking for a refreshing glass of wine, we have many varieties, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet.

To reserve your table this St. Patrick’s Day, contact El Segundo Fish Co. today! We offer the perfect atmosphere for a fun night out with friends, or a romantic night with that someone special. You never have to worry about missing out on your favorite game, since our large, flat screen TVs are always programmed to play whatever big game is on.

The Cioppino Bowl

The Origin Of This Delicious Meal In A Bowl

In our sort of chilly Southern California winters, sometimes you just need to eat something warm and nourishing. Fortunately, you have some options for getting the nutrition your body needs without sacrificing flavor. One such option is the cioppino bowl.

This flavorful fish stew is not just delicious, it is also historic. Its roots go back to Genoa, where fishermen would gather the leftovers from the day’s catch and chop them into a stew. The cioppino bowl itself was born out of that background from Italian immigrants in the San Francisco area.

There is some dispute about the origin of the name. Some say it comes from ciuppin, a Ligurian word in the Genoese dialect that means “chopped” or “to chop.” Others say it comes from the phrase il ciuppin, meaning little soup. Whatever the origin of the word, food historians say the soup was popularized in the Bay Area in the early 1900s.

The recipe has continued to be passed down through generations, and today we mix seafood sourced from the Pacific Ocean (e.g. clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, mussels, Dungeness crab) with fresh tomatoes and a wine-based sauce to yield this delicious soup. It is usually served with a good toasted bread for dipping. Unlike many soups, a bowl of cioppino is likely to keep you full all day so it is a great way to enjoy seafood and nourish your body.

Skip the blasé restaurants and head to El Segundo for this and other exciting dishes! We are serving up cioppino bowls for just $11.95. For more information about our menu, contact El Segundo Fish Co. Join us to enjoy fresh seafood in a fun atmosphere!

$9 Lunch Combos, Plus Curb Side Service

$9 Lunch Combos Promo-page-001

Get A Meal Your Stomach And Your Wallet Will Enjoy

Nothing breaks up the monotony of a workday quite as well as enjoying a delicious lunch. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to consistently find good lunch options that won’t end up breaking the bank. In fact, if you have committed to boosting your savings in 2015 you may have feared you would need to give up eating out all together (hello, brown bag).

Fear not! El Segundo Fish Co. has a solution for you. We are offering a $9 lunch menu that includes fresh, quality seafood, delicious sides, and a fountain drink, iced tea, or lemonade. Check out these $9 lunch combos and get excited for your next lunch break!

  • Calamari Caesar Salad
  • Crab Melt On Sourdough with Fries
  • Spicy Grilled Sole Sandwich with Fries
  • Chipotle Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries
  • Angus Cheeseburger with Fries
  • Grilled Spicy Salmon Caesar Wrap with Fries
  • Tri Tip Steak Burrito with Tortilla Chips
  • Cajun Swordfish Tacos with Rice and Beans
  • Crispy Sweet Chili Shrimp Tacos with Rice and Beans
  • Shrimp Quesadillas with Mango Salsa, Rice and Beans

We invite you to come enjoy your meal with a beer in the fun atmosphere of our restaurant, but if you don’t have time for this kind of casual dining we are also offering curb side service. Just order online here and we’ll have your meal ready to go for your pickup.

To learn more about our restaurant, curb side service, and catering service, contact El Segundo Fish Co. Conveniently located in El Segundo in Southern California, we bring the freshest food straight to you. We’ll see you at lunch!

2015 Restaurant Menu

These Additions Are Sure To Delight

If you don’t already love sharing a meal with friends and family in the fun environment of El Segundo Fish Co., you probably haven’t checked us out yet. Offering fresh, carefully crafted meals in a relaxed environment, we are a go-to for many locals and tourists alike. We understand, however, that sometimes you just need some variety. To prevent you from having to go to all of the trouble of researching a new restaurant, we are adding some exciting new dishes to our menu in 2015.

First, we know that kids can have the pickiest palates, and not every kid is quite ready to make the leap to the less familiar tastes of the sea. To make sure everyone in your party gets a meal he or she enjoys, we are adding Grilled Chicken for Kids to our menu this year.

For the more refined palates, we are offering two additional menu items: Wild Salmon and Clam Linguini. Whether you are feeling like going the heart healthy route or can’t shake your craving for pasta, we know these dishes will satisfy. Do not wait to head down this week and try out these delicious new dishes!

Did you know that we also cater? Head here to check out our catering menu. If you are looking for a great way to wow your guests at your upcoming party or corporate event, leave it to us. We will bring quality seafood to your next Southern California event.

For more information about our menu and the services we offer, contact El Segundo Fish Co. Located in El Segundo, we look forward to serving you delicious meals in a fun atmosphere!

Valentine’s Dinner Special

Valentines special 2015

Treat Your Special Someone To A Valentine’s Dinner Special

In the midst of the hyper-commercialization of Valentine’s Day (did you know $2 billion are spent each year on greeting cards and chocolate for the holiday?), it can be difficult to come up with a truly special way to celebrate. Fortunately, one of the most classic choices for Valentine’s Day—a dinner date—also offers one of the most genuine opportunities to spend quality time engaged in meaningful conversation. Your sweetheart deserve to have a special holiday with you, so consider taking him or her out for dinner.

Of course, because it is a holiday, you cannot just go anywhere. So you can enjoy fresh, quality seafood and a fun atmosphere, El Segundo Fish Co. is offering a special Valentine’s Day menu. The three course dinner for two begins with a mixed green salad with roasted beets, candied walnuts and dried cranberries.

You will then move on to a surf ‘n’ turf medley to share with your sweetheart. This mouthwatering entrée option will include blackened New York steak, grilled salmon, and crispy coconut shrimp served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

What would Valentine’s Day be without something sweet? You get to cap off the meal with your choice of homemade bread pudding or a chocolate fudge brownie sundae. This meal is served with a glass of Prosecco for just $49.95. Call us today to get your reservation!

For more information about our special Valentine’s Day meal, contact El Segundo Fish Co. Conveniently located in El Segundo to bring great food and great fun to Southern California, we are the choice you can feel confident in this Valentine’s Day. Spoil your loved one by bringing him or her to El Segundo Fish Co.


Check Out Our New Family Take-Out Special!

Family Take Out Special

After a long hard day of work and picking up the kids from school, cooking dinner can seem like a huge hassle. Luckily, El Segundo Fish Co. is here to help! Don’t worry about cooking dinner; let El Segundo Fish Co. do all the work for you. We are now offering a family take out special that the whole family can enjoy together.

Our new family take out special comes with a Caesar salad, salmon penne in a white wine cream sauce, and garlic bread for only $29.95. All of our delicious food is enough to feed a family of 5. You no longer have to stress about what to cook and worry about cleaning up all the dishes afterwards. All you have to do is give us a call at (310) 486-1218 and we will prepare your dinner for you!

If you are looking to enjoy a delicious family dinner out, make sure to come and visit us at the restaurant. We offer a casual dining experience that will allow your entire family to relax and enjoy a perfect meal. We have plenty of dishes to choose from, including a delicious kid’s menu for the smallest members of your family.

For more information on our family take out special or to make your reservation for tonight’s dinner, contact us today!

How To Get A Free Appetizer at El Segundo Fish Co.

Facebook Check In for a Free Appetizer

With constant status updates and picture uploads, it is not uncommon to check your Facebook many times a day. At El Segundo Fish Co., we want to reward you for all of your Facebook usage. All you have to do is a simple Facebook check in each time you visit us, and you will receive a free appetizer!

With a minimum of a $20 purchase on any of our delicious dishes, you will get a free appetizer up to $10 to enjoy, simply by checking in on Facebook. We have 10 different appetizers for you to enjoy, from seared ahi tuna on wonton crisps to hush puppies and popcorn shrimp. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy a delicious starter that will add something extra to your meal.

All of our appetizers pair perfectly with each and every one of our main dishes. From traditional fish n’ chips and shrimp scampi to a 14 ounce blackened New York steak, you are sure to find a new favorite dish each time you come and visit.

For more information on our Facebook check in deal, contact El Segundo Fish Co. today! We offer a casual dining experience and quality, fresh seafood dinners that the whole family will enjoy. Make sure to bring the kids so that they can try some delicious items off of our kid’s menu. We also have full selection of beer and wine to help you unwind after a long, hard day.

Best of 2014 Signature Specials

We love offering specials here at El Segundo Fish Co., almost as much as you like eating them! As 2015 kicks off, we would like to take a look back at the best of our 2014 Signature Specials to see which were your favorites and which you would like to see return in 2015.

Our favorite appetizer special of 2014 was our tempura battered Brussels sprouts for only $5.95. As the perfect way to start out any meal, these delicious bite sized pieces can add something special to your course. 

We had plenty of Signature main dish specials last year, including:

Our seafood jambalaya that included shrimp, clams, mussels, salmon, and white fish, all served with warm Parmesan garlic bread for only $17.95.

The clam linguini dish is the perfect mix of seafood and Italian dishes. We sauté Venus clams, roma tomatoes and spinach in a white wine sauce to mix in with perfectly prepared linguini noodles. For just $16.95, this dish was also served with Parmesan garlic bread.

Our sautéed tilapia masala was one of our best sellers, served with spinach and mashed potatoes for only $14.95 a plate.

We can’t forget about the Parmesan crusted sole, which was served with sautéed green beans, mashed potatoes, and lemon butter sauce. It was the perfect “feel good” food that everyone enjoyed for only $15.95.

Our golden coconut crusted shrimp with sautéed veggies and jasmine rice for $19.95 was the perfect twist on a traditional seafood dish.

For those that were looking for something tasty that was not a seafood dish, our Texas smokehouse Angus burger that was topped with onion rings, fresh avocado, crumbled blue cheese, and tomato relish dressing was a huge hit! It was served with our homemade sweet potato fries and was priced at only $12.95 a plate.

Contact El Segundo Fish Co. in El Segundo, California and let us know what specials you want to see come back in 2015. We offer a casual dining experience and delicious seafood dinners that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure to come in and try our new fresh cut sweet potato fries as a delicious side to one of our dishes.